2 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Name – Art with ‘found objects’ – A Slideshow

  1. This just has to be a teacher I worked with my first two years as a teacher- who writes this blog! It’s all so child centered and nourishing in such a soft, gentle way – which is this lady through and through. Not only, does she treat ALL children this way- but newly qualified, equally terrified new teachers too! She took me under her wing and made sure I was ok at every opportunity- always helping and giving her time and knowledge. I am forever grateful to her and think of her often.
    And now, many moons later, I’m embarking on my first journey with junior infants and she’s helping me again….thank you.
    The Colourful One!

  2. Dear Eimear,

    What a lovely comment especially on the first day back of the new school year. We have very fond memories of you. As I recall we didn’t realise you were in any way nervous as you were a most able teacher; so talented and beloved of your students. You worked magic on them and they were under your spell. Daryl still remembers you fondly. Those Junior Infants you will be teaching this year are very lucky. Wishing you a wonderful year 🙂

    With every good wish,

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