Tulga’s Story

Tourist Hawaii of Earlier Days Melinda Stuart via Compfight

Once upon a sunny time in Hawaii there lived a helpful shark

and an evil fisherman

and the fisherman’s boy.



My character’s name is Sharky.

He lives in the sea.

Yes you have guessed it.

He is a shark.


Sharky hates the evil fisherman

because he tries to kill the Great White Sharks

and make the Great White Sharks extinct.


Sharky has magical powers.

He can swim 100 km per hour.

Usually a Great White Shark can swim 40 km per hour.

Sharky’s other great power is that he can survive out of the water for a day.

This is something that

Great White Sharks cannot usually do.


The sea was as blue as the sky.

There was a beachy and sea smell.

You could hear the waves crashing on the big rocks.

Sharky was happy.

He felt at home, swimming with his friend.


Sharky makes friends with the evil fisherman

because he helped him when his kid was drowning.

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