Seán D’s Story

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This book is about hunters who went up the mountain

and had a good adventure.


Once upon a summer time

there lived a boy called Seán

who had three hunter friends.

Their names were Kyle, Jack and Michael.

They were all hunters and they lived in the same house.


Seán was tall with browny, blonde hair.

He likes weetabix, doughnuts, soup, chocolate,

hunting and football.

He dislikes white chocolate

and cricket.


In the house you can see a couch,

a TV,

a playstation 4,

a lamp,

a table,

a kettle

and a oven.


You can smell aftershave,

and apple pie in the oven.

You can hear a noise from the playstation,

the beep from the oven

and the ring tone from the phone.


The four hunters were going up the mountain.

A bunch of goblins

were coming down the mountain.


They were coming fast.

The four hunters heard them coming

and hid behind a rock

so they couldn’t be seen.


There were hundreds of goblins.

The hunters were outnumbered.

The goblins kept on coming.


‘We have been here for ages’, whispered Jack

‘I will try to shoot my way out with my shotgun’.

‘No wait!’ Kyle hissed,

‘I have a bomb in my truck.

Cover me.

I’ll be back in about three hours’.


‘Bring more bullets!’ said Seán,

‘We will need them too and don’t run into trouble.’

It seemed like a long wait.

It got dark, but finally there was Kyle with the bomb.

‘Throw it to me’, Seán insisted.

‘Good catch’ Kyle said.


Under cover of darkness Seán planted the bomb.

‘It will go off in two minutes’, he warned

Kyle, Jack and Michael dived for cover.


The goblins were blown to kingdom come …

and Hunters Mountain was a safe place again …

for the four hunters.


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