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The dog is one of the most popular pets.

Dogs have been pets for thousands of years.

Dogs are often called Man’s Best Friend.

This is because dogs help man out in many ways.


Types and Breeds of Dogs

There are lots of breeds and types of dogs.

Dogs vary in size from very small (just a couple of centimetres tall)

to very large (one metre tall).



According to the Guinness Book of Records

The smallest dog is a female Chihuahua

called Milly from Puerto Rico.

who measured 9.65 cm tall on 21 February 2013.

Milly’s full name is Miracle Milly.

She was born on 1 December 2011.



The Guinness Book of Records says that the tallest dog ever

was ‘Zeus’ a Great Dane from the USA,

who measured 1.118 m tall on 4 October 2011.

Sadly Zeus died aged five.


Some breeds are considered working dogs.

Jobs that dogs do include hunting,

police work,

rescue work,

guide dogs for the blind

and therapy dogs for people with special needs.


Dogs have very strong senses.

They have an excellent sense of smell

which has made dogs good at tracking

as well as sniffing out illegal items like drugs.


Dogs can see almost in a complete circle.

Their hearing is very good as well.

This enables dogs to hear sounds

that are much higher than humans can.

Their great hearing makes them good guard dogs.


Dogs I particularly like

The St Bernard is from Italy and Switzerland.

They help rescue people lost in the snow.

They are very fluffy.

Their coats keep them warm in low temperature.

They are extremely big with rounded paws.

They dislike being inside for too long.

They like being outside and play.

They are whitey brown in colour with splodges.


The Golden Retriever is from Scotland and are a normal size.

They are goldeny, browny, blond in colour.

They have curved shaped paws

and are very nice around children.

They dislike being inside for too long.

They like playing.


Dogs can be great pets for kids.

But it is important to train both the dog

and the child.

Kids must learn how to treat a dog.

A dog learns how to behave from their owners.

People say there is no such thing as a bad dog …

just a bad owner.

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