Saibh’s Story

Old Trees 266 Russ Seidel via Compfight

Once up a happy Summer time,

there lived a funny girl

Alex is the girl’s name.

She is nine year old.

She lives in the city with her Mum and Dad.

Her house is very dull on the outside

but inside is nice and bright.



Her dislikes are homework.

And her likes are adventures.

Alex has eyes like stars in the sky.

She is always very nice to everyone.

She is very good at everything.

She is funny and friendly and has lots of friends.


Alex was walking home from school.

A thick fog came over the land.

Alex couldn’t see anything.

She took a turn that she wasn’t sure of.

After a while the fog cleared away

and Alex found herself in a magical land.


If you would like to go there,

you can find it between the Endless Wood

and the Meadow of Flowers

near the Salty Sea.


You can smell the smell of acorns

and the fresh sea smell

and you can hear the sound of owls hooting.

You can also see a crashing waterfall

by the Longest Lake

and some beautiful birds.


Alex started to walk

but then she heard a rustle in the bushes.

She looked over and she saw a gnome.

‘Hello’, said the gnome

‘Where I am?’ asked Alex

‘You are in The Forgotten Land’.

‘The Forgotten Land!’ exclaimed Alex. ‘How do I get home?’

‘You will have to find the Magic Key and put it in the magic door’, said the gnome.


Alex can’t get the flying key.

She can’t get out of the Magic Land.

She has to face the Endless Wood

because the Magic Key flew

into the Endless Wood and disappeared.


Alex found the gnome hiding

in the hollow of a big oak tree.

Alex asked the gnome how to get out.


The gnome said ‘You can trick the key’.

Its favourite food is peppermint.

Luckily Alex had a packet of mints in her pocket.

So Alex put a mint in a hollow of a tree

and hid.


A couple of minutes later,

the key came flying in and fell at Alex’s feet.

Alex was going to go and help

but the gnome pulled her back and said

‘Don’t fall for its trick’

I have a better idea.

‘So this is what we are going to do. We will…’


‘Look,’ said Alex, a door suddenly appeared.

The key jumped into the lock and started to turn.

There was strange music .. wizard music.

And the door opened.


Through the door Alex could see her own house.

It never looked more welcoming.

Alex rushed through the door

and hurried home.

She never saw the gnome again

but she never did forget

her strange adventure.


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