Michael’s Story – Once Upon A Terrible Time

The little Berlin snow chaos ANBerlin via Compfight

Once upon a terrible time for Adam, Jamie and Chester

it was coming up to winter

and they were homeless

and they were going to be freezing.

They did not know what to do.


 So the three of them went to apply for a job in the butchers.

Adam was working at the counter


and Chester was working at chopping the meat


and Jamie was working as the delivery man.


They got paid the minimum wage of 9.25 euro an hour

and they worked 12 hours a day.

At the end of every week they put their money together

to see how much they had.

But they had to spend it on paying off debts and food.

The man who owned the butcher

made them pay for their uniforms,

their shop coats and their aprons too.


Even though they were working hard,

Even though they were working long hours,

they had very little money.

They managed to rent a small room,

but it was not a good place to live.


Then Adam so an advertisement for a job on a cruise liner.

Adam, Jamie and Chester applied.


The three of them got a job.

They LOVED working on the cruise ship.

They was plenty of sunshine

work was fun.


So they lived





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