Leon’s Story – The Best Footballer in the World

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Chapter 1 A Baby Boy


Once upon a time on the island of Maderia a baby boy was born.


He was the youngest of two sisters and a brother.


His father was a gardener and his mum was a cook.


They hadn’t much money.


From a young age he played street football.



Chapter 2 Cry Baby


But people called him names. His nickname was ‘cry baby’. His mum said, when he passed the ball to another and they didn’t score a goal, he would cry and so he was called ‘cry baby’.


Soon he had another nickname ‘little bee’. His mother said that was because he was quick and fast. It was difficult for other boys to catch him.


His godfather said:

‘He slept with his football. It never left his side.’


He was a young boy with a big dream.’



Chapter 3 Time to join a football club.


When he was 8 he joined the local football club.


When he was 10 he joined the biggest club


on the island where he lived.



Chapter 4 Leaving Home


When he was 12 he joined the biggest football club in


Portugal, Sporting Lisbon.


He had to move to the capital city, Lisbon.


The boy found it hard because he was only 12


and he missed his home and family.


The people in the football club said


he was too small to be successful.



Chapter 5 Good Advice from Mum


But this boy worked hard.


His mother advised him to concentrate on football.


This hard work paid off.


He played for his country of Portugal at the age of 18.



Chapter 6 Hard Work and Skills


Though he has a natural talent for football,


it is his hard work that makes him


one of the world’s best football players.


His talent and hard work has earned him great respect.


He has millions of fans around the world.



Chapter 7 The Best Player in the World


This boy’s name is


Cristiano Ronaldo.


He is considered the best player in the world


and one of the greatest of all time.


He says ‘I am living a dream I never want to wake up from.’


Chapter 8 How to be Successful


Here are Ronaldo’s 10 rules for success


1.Just play!


2.Be competitive


3.Always take on new challenges


4.Know what is important


5.People will judge you


6.Work hard


7.Believe you are the best


8.Play for the team


9.Enjoy the moments


10.Have a sense of humour.


Chapter 9 My Promise


My name is

Leon Gaynor.


Remember that name!


I am going to work hard at my football.


I will follow Ronaldo’s advice.


I will work hard on my skills


and become a great footballer too.

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