Jamie C’s Story – Jeff’s Adventure

Aegolius funereus Alexandre Roux via Compfight

Once upon a hot summery time, there lived a guy called Jeff. He was taking a walk in the woods with his gun. All around him were trees. He could hear twigs cracking and leaves crunching under his feet. He could smell the night air and feel the wind on his face. There was an owl hooting.

Great grey owlCreative Commons License Jevgenijs Slihto via Compfight

Suddenly he heard a strange sound of something moving through the grass, behind some bushes. He went over to check what it was. He looked behind the bush and then he saw some aliens. He was trying to shoot them but a bullet was jammed inside the gun.

I-C-UCreative Commons License Maurits Verbiest via Compfight

The aliens were coming after Jeff but then Jeff got his gun and fixed it. Then Jeff turned around and killed the aliens and so he lived happily ever after … well until the next time aliens invaded anyway.

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