A Story by Dax – Sphero – A Football Story

Bronze Fire Ball Jerry Meaden via Compfight

Once upon a time a robot sphere called Sphero lived in a box.

He had a white plastic shell and blue eyes and on his middle was a special screen.



One day Sphero was out on a walk in a big city called Spheron.

He met a stranger with green eyes who was wearing a Football jersey with adidas track-pants.

The stranger said  ‘I’m really hyped about the football match tonight.’

Sphero answered  ‘What’s a football match?’

The stranger replied

‘I can’t believe it! You don’t know what a football match is where have you been living?’


‘In a box’ replied Sphero.

Do you have TV in your box?’ asked the stranger.

‘A fake one that’s for sure.’ said Sphero.

Sphero is thinking to himself,

I might just sneak into the football match…

Let’s see if I can get the intel about the match…….


That very night Sphero snook out of his box and used his GPS

to connect to Google Maps and downloaded the intel.

Then he went out on a roll….

‘Finally I made it to the football match!’ said Sphero.

Sphero rolled over to the team’s changing room.


The room was empty with the team jerseys hanging up neatly

Sphero put on the number one jersey while saying ‘I’m going to be number one!’

He turns on his screen to math mode to predict where the ball will be.

Then he rolls out onto the pitch.

There was silence at first, nobody had seen a robot on the football pitch before.

When the match started Sphero used his screen to predict where the ball was a going to land.


He waited for the first two kicks to happen

because he knew that it would land in front of him

so that he could do a solo run and bump it in to the goal.


The crowd went wild!

Especially one person.

Yeah that’s right it was the stranger!

He couldn’t believe that someone who’d never heard or played a football match

was actually in a match and scoring goals one by one.

The home team won scoring a total of 30 goals!

And Sphero scored every one of them.


When Sphero was changed out of his jersey he was rolling out

and he bumped into something.

It wasn’t the football nor one of the teammates…It was the stranger!

He said ‘It’s nice to see you again Sphero!

I’m working as a football manager,

I was thinking… maybe you could join my team?’

and Sphero said

‘Maybe…I’d love to!’


The stranger said

‘That’s great! By the way I was looking at home’s and there’s a sale would you like a house I can buy you one?’

Sphero said ‘Thank you so much! But I like it in my box.’


So Sphero was the first robot Football player to live.

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