Laura B’s Story – An African Adventure

Aoiike (Blue Pond)Creative Commons License Reginald Pentinio via Compfight

Once upon a summer time

there was a girl called Lily.


Lily has black hair like the night sky

And blue eyes

like the sea on a summer’s day.


From Lily’s house you can see



and restaurants,



and mountains,

the zoo,

the museum,

the airport

and the harbour,


Lily can smell fresh air,

building sites

and green grass.


She can hear birds singing,

the wind in the trees,

and the waves crashing on the shore.


Lily likes going to other countries.

She dislikes sitting at home on her own.

She won a ticket to go to Africa.

Lily was very excited.


She loved the zoo and now she could go on

on safari and see the African animals

in the own country.


Lily had a wonderful holiday.

But on her way home from Africa

her plane crashed.


Lily awoke to find herself

in the Land of Nobody Knows

where there is a Cherry Chocolate Lake

and colourful Candy Trees.


So she made a boat out of Candy Tree bark

and sailed across the Chocolate Lake.


She fell out of the boat

and lay on the beach.


She opened her eyes.

There was a doctor and a nurse

looking down at her.

Behind them were her worried parents.


Yes there had been a plane crash,

but Lily had imagined all the rest.

But she got better

and lived happily ever after.

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