Mya’s Story – All About Isabel

Once upon a musical time

there lived a happy little girl

who loved to sing dance and play music.

Her name was Isabel

and when she got older she wanted to go to

the Junior Music High School,

which you had to audition to get in to

and not a lot of people got in very easily


Isabel had long and silky golden hair.

Look there she is in the blue dress with the small white daisies on it.


One of the teachers at the school was called Mrs. Meenie. She lived in the school.

She was very mean and selfish and always wears lots of gold necklaces.

She likes being mean and giving a lot of homework. She dislikes children.


My story takes place

in a really large and lovely City of Music

beside the sunny Brunch Beach

just South of the noisy Flute Forest.

This town has ten different schools in it.

The different schools are either red brick or brown

but the city is colourful so its ok.

This is a city that even smells good,

like Dad’s t-shirts just out of the wash.

It is a happy town with people laughing

as they close their house doors.


Isabel likes living on Recorder Road

probably because its the only house she’s lived in

and probably the only house she’ll ever live in

but she feels that the town is a bit too loud

and if there is anything she would like to change

it would probably be that.

Right now I can hear a car engine starting very loudly.


Isabel tries to get in to the Junior Music High School

but Mrs Meanie does not want Isabel to get

in to the school and does everything in her power

to stop her from getting in.



Isabel fights back and is not going to let Mrs.Meanie

get in her way of getting in to the school

and happily gets in as the other teachers really like her

and outvote Mrs.Meenie,

and so she ends up getting in.

So then it become a happy ending for Isabel

Isabel goes on to become a very successful performer

and lives happily ever after.



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