Hannah’s Story – Utopia; An Animal Paradise

Once upon a magical time

there lived a kind and caring girl, called Amy

a crazy dog called Fluffy

and Cute Carrot, a bunny.

Amy has cornflower blue eyes

and always wears her chocolate brown hair in a pony tail.

She lives at home with her pet family

Fluffy the crazy dog

and Carrot the cute bunny.

Amy loves going for adventures

in the Enchanted Forest near her home.

She dislikes seeing dogs going to the pound.

There she was on a magical Winter’s evening sitting on a soft couch.

She could smell her dinner cooking which was good because she felt very hungry.

She could hear a lonely dog barking sadly in the pound across the town

on the other side of the Enchanted Forest.

‘That poor dog’, she thought.

I wish that pound was shut down.

The pet family all went to their warm comfortable beds that cold Winter’s night.

But Fluffy the crazy dog woke up and found she was not at all sleepy

and she had her warm coat to keep her warm so she wasn’t bothered by the cold.


Fluffy escaped

and Mr. Mean the dog catcher caught her

and brought her to that terrible place that every dog dreads

– the dog pound.


Amy woke up early that next wintery day

before anyone else was awake

and could not find her dog Fluffy anywhere.

Amy quickly put two and two together.


‘Oh no Carrot’! cried Amy, ‘Mr. Mean, the dog catcher must have taken her.

Fluffy must be gone to the pound’.


Amy picked up Carrot and ran out the door

and through the Enchanted Forest.

‘Slow down’, called out Carrot, ‘all this bumping is making me dizzy’.


Amy nearly dropped the rabbit.

‘I didn’t know you could talk’.

‘I can,’ replied Carrot the rabbit, but only in the Enchanted Forest.

‘Slow down,’ Carrot suggested, ‘we need to have a plan’.

They sat down under a large tree to decide what to do.

‘I’m hungry,’ sighed Amy, ‘I left in such a hurry, I didn’t have any breakfast’.

‘I’m hungry too,’ sniffled Carrots. ‘I’d love a crunchy carrot’.

With that a carrot fell out of the sky in front of Carrots.


‘Lucky you’, cried out Amy ‘I’d love some crunchy toast with butter.

No sooner than Amy said this a hail of crunchy toast came raining down.

That is no coincidence said Carrots.

Can’t you see, this is a wishing tree


Oh well in that case, I wish that Fluffy was here with me

the pound would close down

No sooner than she had said this,

the pound was shut down

and Fluffy came running towards her,

followed by 100 other dogs.


‘Oh oh,’ thought Amy, ‘this will take some explaining at home.

I better make another wish quickly’.

Amy wished that each of these dogs could find and happy home

And that all would live happily ever after

And they did.


While she was at it she wished Mr. Mean would have a change of heart.

He did.

He changed his name to Mr. Begood

and he works for an animal charity now,

helping lost dogs to find their owners

and helping dogs without a home to find one.


And so they all lived happily every after.



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