Erin’s Story – Once Upon A Happy Time

Once upon a happy time

there lived a little girl called Kate.

She had blue eyes

like the sky.

Her hair was like gold

and her voice was like an angel.


She lived with her Mum and Dad.

Her Dad worked a lot.

They were not rich

but they were not poor.

They were normal people.

One day Kate went to school.

On the way home she got lost.


She started to cry,

then she realised

the trees were made of candy so she ate them.


Suddenly a fairy appeared.

‘Are you lost?’ the fairy said softly.

‘Yes I am,’ whispered Kate. She was so surprised.

‘Well come with me,’ replied the fairy triumphantly.

‘I can help you.’


So they set off.

They passed a castle.


Soon Kate got home.

Her mother was pleased and relieved to see her.

And that was the end of Kate’s adventure.

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