Chester’s Story – What is Jimmy going to do?

Once upon a crazy time there lived a silly and crazy boy named Jimmy.

A girl from his class invited him to her Halloween party. It would start at 6 and end at 9.


Jimmy lived with his helpful Dad in a tall house in a dark forest,

where there are bushes all around.


From his house, Jimmy can see trees, stinging bees and fast cars,

a sweet shop, a scary, broken bridge and a hot, dry, desert. 

He can smell banana from the forest

and sweet honey from the brightly coloured flowers

where the stinging bees are.

He can hear the bees buzzing and the monkeys talking.

Jimmy dressed up as a pirate.

 But it was late. It was 11 but Dad had an idea.

It was that they have a Halloween party in their house instead.

Instead he had a party in his house and lived happily every after.



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