Caoimhe’s Story – Feilim and Friends Save the Day

Once upon a summery time

there lived a story book character called


Felim is tall with short, red hair.

He is six years old.


He lived up high in a jungle tree house far away

Feilim likes adventure

and dislikes



and loud music.


One warm morning Fantastic Feilim woke up early.

He could see tall and leafy trees.

and wonderful animals everywhere.

Feilim could hear leaves rustling,

birds tweeting

and lions roaring.

He could smell damp leaves and perfumed flowers.

Feilim feels warm and safe and full of adventures.


Feilim sees a letter. It is from his Side Kick Sophie.

It says …


Dear Feilim


Baby monkey is lost.

Will you please help me

find him.

His mother is very worried.

As you know the jungle can

be a very dangerous place.


Your friend

Side Kick Sophie


Feilim went on the trail of the baby monkey.

As he tracked the monkey

along the path to nowhere

he met loads of fantastic animals.

There were the friendly ones…

and the gentle ones…


There were the dangerous ones too.

There was  the horror of the bear cave.

It was dark.

Feilim was feeling brave and was full of adventures

until he saw a fierce bear

with brown fur and white paws.

‘Oh no!’ cried Feilim

There was a bear right in front of him.


Feilim was so scared

he fell into a tree.

But it was a wishing tree,

so Feilim shouted

‘I wish this horrible bear would disappear.’

 Just like that it was gone.


Feilim was skipping along

when he met a herd of forest lions.

He saw 2, then 3,4,5,6…

He stopped counting.

They were surrounding him.


Just then Super Side Kick Sophie appeared

grabbed him by the leg and swung away.

‘Thank you Sophie,’ cried Feilim.

Side Kick Sophie smiled.


But their adventures were far from over.

The path to nowhere lead Feilim to the Crocodile Lake.

This brave boy has to cross the lake

without being eaten.

This time Super Sophie jumps in from a tree

and gets the crocodiles to form a line

so Feilim can cross.


The path to nowhere was leading down to the sea.

Feilim also has to swim across a lagoon of evil sharks. 

Again Stretchy Sarah comes in

and stretches across the lagoon to form a path

that Feilim can use

without getting his feet wet,

without being eaten by the sharks.


Feilim’s other friend Long legged Lucy is very tall.

She can see Baby Monkey in the distance.

The three friends hurried along and found him.

Feilim and his friends brought the monkey home

to his worried Mum.

‘Job done cried Feilim.


Feilim and his friends saved the monkey

and give him a map to his family tree.

‘Don’t get lost again’ said Feilim.

It’s a jungle out there!

Baby Monkey promised he won’t.

He had learned his lesson.


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