Alicja’s Story – Lucy Feels Alone


Hungry BeeCreative Commons License kuhnmi via Compfight

Once upon a happy summery hot time,

there lived a friendly playful dog,

a cute furry bunny

and a small soft kitten.

They lived with their human.

Her name was Lucy.


Lucy lives in a normal ordinary house

similar to all the other houses on the estate.

It wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small.

But her family are poor.


Lucy was so poor that she would have to beg for milk

for her cereal from her neighbour every morning.

If her neighbour said no,

she had to eat dry cereal.


Lucy was so poor that she had to wear

the same clothes every day.

These became very ragged and dirty.


The slates on the roof of her house

were cracked and falling off the roof.

When it was windy, it was windy indoors.

When it rained the rain came in.



Lucy was sad and lonely.

Yes she has her pets

but she has no human friends.

Her pets, the friendly playful dog,

the cute furry bunny

and the small soft kitten were sad for Lucy


Lucy was sad.

She had no money and nothing to do,

so she decided to go for a walk.

That would not cost any money.

She met a small stripey cat.


The cat was shy and nervous.

Lucy loved animals.

She was kind to the cat.

It came over to her.

Lucy picked the cat up.


‘Oh thank goodness’, called a voice.

‘You have found my cat,’ said the voice.

Puff! A wizard appeared out of nowhere.

Now Lucy felt nervous.

‘No need to worry Lucy,’ laughed the wizard.


‘You have found my cat. What can I do for you in return.

‘I would like some milk,

some new clothes for me and my Mum and Dad

and I would like the roof on my house fixed,’

whispered Lucy hopefully.


‘I can do better than that,’ said the wizard.

He waved his magic wand and Lucy became so rich

she never had to worry about money again.

And Lucy and her Mum and Dad,

lived happily ever after.

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