Abi’s Story – ‘Isabel’s Christmas Adventure’

It was Christmas Eve, Isabel was out

playing with her friends.

It was getting dark. Isabel’s Mum came to call her in.

“Well girls, are you excited about Christmas ?” she asked.

“Yes” they all shouted.

“Goodbye” said Isabel

“See you tomorrow to show you all my presents”.



At home, Isabel and her Mum snuggled together

on the sofa to watch a movie.

Isabel was enjoying a hot cocoa made by her Mum.


When the film ended Isabel put out

the cookies for Santa

and carrots for the Reindeer.

Isabel went to bed.


She fell fast asleep.

Suddenly she woke,

she heard the crunch of someone eating cookies!!



Isabel tiptoed downstairs as quiet as a marshmallow.

 She sneezed and heard someone walk towards her.

The first thing she saw was a pair of black boots

and as she looked up she saw a white beard.

Could it really be Santa? she thought

or is it my Mum dressed up as Santa?’

Santa said “Hello Isabel, why are you up so late?”


” I would LOVE to go on an adventure with you Santa”

answered Isabel.

“Right” said Santa ” Lets go to the North Pole

and open some presents in my grotto”.

“But first I have to deliver more  presents”!!

Its a dark night, the stars are bright,

Rudolph ‘s nose  will lead tonight.


Flying  up in the sky at midnight, there was

nothing to be seen except Rudolph’s bright nose!


Santa delivered all of his presents.

Then they went back to the North Pole.

Isabel was very excited to see

a big pile of presents with her name on them.

“There are more presents back in your house

waiting for you for the morning”said Santa.

“Thank you SO much Santa” said Isabel.

She opened the first present and inside was a hatchimal.

“Oh my goodness” said Isabel, “Thank you!

“Well you have been such a good girl all year,

doing your homework

and you never missed a day of school” said Santa.


Isabel was very tired with all the excitement,

she yawned and fell asleep.

A big bang woke her up,

outside there was an  evil elf looking at her.

He had a pointy nose and big black eyes.

He grabbed Isabel and said

“You’re coming with me Missy”.

“No” screamed Isabel.


The elf took Isabel in to a big green igloo.

“Give me that Hatchimal, I want it ” said the elf.

“Well” said Isabel, “you can only have my hatchimal

if you can answer my question.

Otherwise you have to bring me back to Santa’s grotto”

“Ask!” said the elf.


“What colour is a peacock’s egg?” asked Isabel.

“I know, I know” said the elf, “It’s pink”.

“Wrong” said Isabel, “Peacocks don’t lay eggs.”

“No” said the elf,  “I want the hatchimal

before I take you back”

“I insist you take me back” said Isabel.

The elf pushed Isabel in to his bubblemobile

and they went back to Santa’s grotto.

“Quick” said Santa,

“hop on my sleigh,

sunrise wont be long

and you need to get home

before Christmas morning”


One minute Isabel was in Santa’s sleigh

and the next minute she was in her bed

and it was Christmas morning!

She got up and ran downstairs

where she saw lots of presents under the tree.


“Happy Christmas, did you have a nice sleep?”

asked her Mum.

“Mum, you wont believe what happened to me last night” said Isabel.

I believe Isabel, do you?

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