Filling Buckets – A Project in SPHE

‘Have You Filled A Bucket Today’ by Carol McCloud

(A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids)

is a picture book suitable for four to seven year olds.


We had a quick read of it, so we understood its message

and then we started our ‘fill a bucket’ project.


The message in this book is that

Everyone throughout the world carries with them “a bucket”.


In that bucket we carry all of our good feelings and thoughts about ourselves.

Other people fill our bucket when they say and do nice things.

And we can do the same for other people.


We find when we fill someone else’s bucket we feel good about ourselves

and our buckets get filled up too.


We used plastic cups to make buckets.

During the week we wrote compliments on post-its

and put them in other people’s buckets.


At the end of the week we read the post-its in our buckets.

This made us feel GREAT about ourselves

and about the other people in the class. 


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