Beginning our Write A Books

The Write A Book project is run

by Education Centres around the country.


We are working on our Write A Books.

The closing date is not until the new year,

but we can prepare for it by integrating it

with work we are doing in class,

like the art we are doing

and the English and

learning about maps and plans.


We are making picture books.

Each of our books contain a map.

We deliver the Write A Books to the

Blackrock Education Centre.

They send them out to another class teacher.

He or she will show them to her class

and decide on one writer to be invited

to the prize giving and

he or she will decide on the runner ups.

Winning the competition is not the important

thing. Creating a wonderful book that you can

treasure and be proud to show your children

and grandchildren is! 


You can read more about how to write a book HERE

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