Using One Copybook

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Some of you may know that students are using just one copy at the moment.

This is very practical in terms of seeing student progress since September.


One copy ‘tells the story’ for student, teacher and parent of our time in school.

I find it is encouraging for student and teacher as a substantial’body of work’ builds up

and it is there to be seen all in one place.


You can see progress in terms of presentation and content.


Teachers and students can make connections between different subject areas

as links between topics and possibilities for integration are so apparent on the page.


It is good value. Instead of eight copies where some like English fill up quickly and need to be replaced

and others may only be half full at the end of the year, less copies will be used.

We are a Green School, so this is important to us.

We can concentrate on content and presentation instead of’Which copy do I use?’

There is much less of ‘I can’t find my copy’too. This means I have a happier class.

Earlier this term, I was reassured to read this blog post from an inspiring and encouraging blog

by the Imperfectly Honest Teacher  to find I wasn’t the only one taking this approach.

Click HERE to read his post


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