Poems about Emotions – 3rd Class

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Smells like smoke

Tastes like tabasco sauce

Feels like fire (Conan)


Anger sounds like a stormy day.

Like a thorn.

Like running away to a forbidden place.

Like being stuck in a spider web. (Saibh)


Anger tastes like a hot chilli.

Anger sounds like shouting.

It feels like rage.

It smells like a fire burning.(Michael)



Smells like fire.

Tastes like hot sauce.

Sounds like burning rain.

Feels like thunder in the air. (Alicja)


Anger smells like smoke.

It tastes like vinegar.

It sounds like shouting.

It feels like hurt

and getting burnt (Darcy)


Anger is like a stamping child,

like someone hitting you.

It feels like your ice cream

just fell off your cone. (Saorla)


Anger sounds like a devil

screaming in one ear.

It feels like an explosion. (Jack)


Anger tastes like a sour apple.

It feels like an ache.

Like a punch in the heart. (Hannah)

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Frustration smells like bad breath.

It tastes like old cheese.

It sounds like the screams of an angry child.

It feels like the sting of a bee. ( Laura B.)



Being scared, shivering …

Feels like you are not alone.

Feeling like you might get caught.

Like walking on lego! (Jamie M)

Surfing in the cold - or is that suffering. Neil Moralee via Compfight

Sadness smells like black coal.

It tastes like salty water.

It sounds like water dripping.

It feels like loneliness.

Sadness is torture.

It feels like losing everyone. (Pola)


Sadness smells like dirt.

Tastes like tears.

Sounds like weeping.

Sadness feels like everything disappears.

It feels like you are surrounded by water.

It feels like you just disappeared. (Dax)

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Smells like fresh flowers.

Tastes like strawberries.

Sounds like birds singing.

Happy feels warm inside. (Kyle)


Happiness feels like candy.

Sounds like people cheering.

Feels like fun. (Tulga)

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Smells like perfume,

Love tastes sweet

Love sounds like people 

Love feels happy

Feels like you are in a happy room

Love feels like Summer. (Erin)


Love smells like flowers

or a freshly baked cake

Sounds like laughter and chatter.

Feels like finding a future

Like a hug

Like a cosy blanket. (Caoimhe)