#EAL & Language: Information for Parents: Activities we did and Topics we are covering: Junior Infants – First : We are learning about Living Things

We learnt about bugs. In the Summer term we will go for a Bug Hunt in the school grounds. We learned the names of these creatures and talked about how they moved. We used verbs and adverbs.


The children were learning about hedgehogs from their class teachers and we learned about hedgehogs too. Did you know hedgehogs can climb and can swim.

hedgehog collages

Iga and Alan taught teacher the Polish for hedgehog: jeż. We also learned about other animals; their names, where they live, what their babies are called and how they move.


As we were doing these activities we were learning vocabulary and grammar. As we went from Junior Infants, through Senior Infants and on into First Class, we did more work on grammar, particularly verbs and adverbs, tenses, ‘time markers’ and prepositions. You can read about all the activities we have done in EAL and Language HERE.

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