A Mystery: ‘Escape from the Zoo’ by Lucas F

‘What escaped from the zoo?’

owl Leo Reynolds via Compfight

‘Was it a penguin?’

Rockhopper Penguin on the beachCreative Commons License Liam Quinn via Compfight

‘No, the hole in the wall is too large.’

‘Was it a bear?’

Red PandaCreative Commons License DaiLuo via Compfight

‘Nope. The hole is too small’.

‘Was it a lion?’

Parque Safari Sr. Pacman via Compfight

‘Nope. No and definitely not’.

‘Was it an elephant?’

DSC_2883 Arno Meintjes via Compfight

‘What do YOU think?’

‘Was it a giraffe?’

GiraffeCreative Commons License sharmzpad via Compfight

No, that would be a pain in the neck?

Is it a …. puma?

7380Creative Commons License Sarah Murray via Compfight


‘Aaaaaaah! A snake?’

DSC07530.jpg Oliver Gaser via Compfight


‘But I am afraid. I am going to tell you. It is a …gnoolie!

the gruffalo topsynette via Compfight


‘A gnoolie’.

‘What on earth is that? And how do you know that?’

newspaper (1)

‘Because I let him go!’

‘What!!! Police!!!’

RANGER - 1 CARL SPENCER via Compfight

‘Sorry Sir but you are under arrest’.

with just a dash of color Pedro Moura Pinheiro via Compfight

‘No but… It’s ok. The gnoolie will use his rainbow power to shoot a hole in the prison walls’.

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