From the Archives: Food that is traditional in Ireland.

Sometimes visitors to our blog ask us

what food is traditional in Ireland.

This is a tricky question because Irish food

comes under a lot of influences.

Our food is influenced by our neighbours in the UK,

countries in Europe

the USA and beyond.


If we ask the children in school what their favourite food

is they will say pizza and spaghetti bolognaise,

both of which are Italian food.

Children also enjoy pasta from Italy.

Chinese, Indian and Mexican food is also popular.

Children like burger and chips which is an American food

and fish and chips which comes from the UK.

January photo challenge #14 : Eyes
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Traditionally a lot of our food was potato based.

We boil them and chip them,

bake them and mash them.

Potato cakes are a traditional Irish food.

They are delicious.

Parsley and spring onion potato cake
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We eat a lot of meat in Ireland.

Irish stew is a traditional dish.

Irish Stew - Pugg Mahones Tuesday AUD10 Special
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Mmmmm… It’s tasty!

Ireland on a plate
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This is called an Irish Breakfast

but it is very like an traditional English Breakfast.

2008.12.07 - Good morning!
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Porridge is a traditional breakfast in Ireland too,

but many children in school prefer

toast or cereal like Rice Crispies or Coco Pops.

Grown ups drink a lot of tea

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but coffee is becoming more popular.

Apple, rhubarb or blackberry pie

would be considered very traditional.

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