Teach your Voki Avatar to speak Irish!

Teaching a Voki to speak Irish is fun!

We wanted to teach ours how to say this:

Dia dhuit. Céad míle fáilte romhat! 

Cad is ainm duit? Is mise Seán.

Conas atá tú? Tá mé féin ar fheabhas!


We had to write it as it is pronounced:

Dee a gwith. Cade mee le fault teh row at.

Cod iss ann im dit? Iss mish e Shaun.

Cun as a taw too? Taw may fain air owse!


So what does that mean?

Hello. (God be with you) One hundred thousand welcomes.

What is your name? My name is Sean.

How are you? I myself am feeling wonderful!


It’s not quite right. But we think we did a good job.

Why not click on this link to check out some of the

other work we have done in Irish.

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