Information for Parents: Activities we did in class each day. Language Classes: Junior Infants – 1st

We were learning about parts of the body. We made faces out of playdoh.

BeFunky Collage - Faces

We made teddies out of playdoh too.

BeFunky Collage - Teddies

As the week went on the playdoh turned chocolate coloured. It was just perfect for making monsters. They had lots of eyes and legs.

BeFunky Collage

We talked about our favourite food and we made it out of playdoh.

BeFunky Collage - Playdoh Food

We have lovely books in school. Teacher asks us to find pictures in the books. We talk about what we see.

BeFunky Collage - Book

We did a lot of talking about colours. We used construction toys to make flowers in the garden.

BeFunky Collage - Gears

Marble Run was a very popular activity. Again we talked a lot about colours. We used playdoh balls instead of marbles because teacher thinks that is safer. 

BeFunky Collage - Marble Run

We had another chance to talk about colours when we played the fishing game. We also learned about plurals. You say ‘one fish’ but you also say ‘two fish’ or ‘lots of fish’.

BeFunky Collage - Fish Game

We talked about birthdays and how old we are. We practised ‘fine motor skills’ using candles and holders. Sadly the ‘cake’ was polystyrene!

BeFunky Collage - Birthday Cake

We practised more ‘fine motor skills’ picking up ‘bobbles’ and pipe cleaner ‘snakes’.

BeFunky Collage - FMS

We made shapes using plastic strips and split pins.

BeFunky Collage - Split Pins

Halloween is coming. We played ‘picking up spiders’.

BeFunky Collage - Spiders

So far the most popular activities were the ones using playdoh and Marble Run. We had lots of fun and learned lots. You can see more of the work we have done HERE.

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