A Student’s Poem about Teacher (from 1993)

This poem was written

by a student in fourth class,

Stephanie W. in October 1993.

I have kept it with my English papers

for the past twenty two years,

because it makes me laugh.


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We were writing poems modelled on

‘Prayer of a Donkey’ 

by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold.


Here is Stephanie’s poem:

‘Dear God,

Please give teacher a break

for she is getting old.

Protect her from us

because we are vampires.


Protect her from the back row

and Jenny’s giggles.

May teacher have some peace at home time

And always let me be teacher’s PE(S)T!


Please Lord



I was reminded of this poem, this week

when listening to the RTE Documentary

‘First days, final days – Revisited’

(20 years after recording a child’s first day at school,

the Documentary On One returns to see what has happened since –

to the Junior Infants and their teachers).


Stephanie and Jenny are all grown up now

and this poem still makes me laugh.

2 thoughts on “A Student’s Poem about Teacher (from 1993)

  1. Lovely prayer. Amen. I enjoyed that documentary too especially hearing how confident and self assured the past pupils were now 20 years on – just goes to show what a great invention school (and teachers are) :). Keep up the GREAT WORK teachers everywhere.

  2. Thanks for that 🙂 Yes very reassuring to hear that the boy who cried on the 1st day of school was now an adult with a successful and interesting life.

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