Seanfhocail: Ní hé lá na báistí lá na bpáistí

Ní hé lá na báistí lá na bpáistí

We used to turn an old photograph of a painting into an ‘oilpainting’ and the graphic design website to create a background with text. This was the first proverb we illustrated for a project we are doing.

In class we NEVER translate Irish into English. Can you guess what this proverbs means from the picture? What could it be about? As we are doing this for our friends in New Zealand, we will tell you that it means ‘The day of rain is not a day for children.’ We like the way this turned out.

One thought on “Seanfhocail: Ní hé lá na báistí lá na bpáistí

  1. WOW!
    Tá sé seo gleoite ar fad ! Go h-álainn!

    -ach dá mbeadh buataisí uirthi b’fhéidir gur mhaith lei dul ag imirt san puddles! 😀

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