2 thoughts on “Quotable Quote: ‘Reading is breathing in …’

  1. Hi Jane,

    One of my students made it using a website called canva.com. As I recall the student was from fifth class (10 -11 year olds) so the site is very user friendly and easy to use.

    We often make posters of quotes we like on it. You can find the website at this address. https://www.canva.com/ Canva is a commercial site, but at entry level it is free to join. We have used it so far without upgrading or paying any money. We find it a very useful and versatile website.

    We think that there probably is a facility on it to ‘commercially’ print a good sized poster or even flyers on it but we haven’t tried to do this. You are welcome to copy this image.

    The quote isn’t ours. We saw it online attributed to the very well known person ‘Anon’ 😉

    You are welcome to save the image from the page, but it would probably lose definition if you were to enlarge it.

    Hope this helps.
    With every good wish,
    Merry Beau

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