Answers to the Idiom Quiz

We wrote a Picture Quiz on idioms HERE.

These are the answers:


1. Hit the nail on the head – Be exactly right.

2. Tying the knot – Getting married.

3. In the loop – included.

Perhaps information has been shared with him.


4. He’s not in the loop – He is not included. (He is in the dark ;))

I Love You To The Moon and Back
Photo Credit: Luz Adriana Villa via Compfight

5. That is Greek to me – I do not understand it.

6. You are driving me up the wall – You are driving me mad.

7. That rings a bell with me – I recognise or remember that.

8. Sitting on the fence – Not making a decision one way or the other.

9. Grasp the nettle – Do something that will not be pleasant.

10. Tick all the boxes – It meets all the criteria,

so will be the best thing to do.

11. A piece of cake – Very easy

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