Seanfhocail: Na Gaoithe

Weather Vane
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Vijay Gunda via Compfight

An ghaoth aduaidh bíonn sí crua,

Is cuireann sí fuacht ar dhaoine.

Rainy Day Woman.
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An ghaoth aneas bíonn sí tais

Is cuireann sí rath ar shíolta

Trigales / Wheat fields
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An ghaoth anoir bíonn sí tirim

Is cuireann sí sioc istoíche

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Jay Parker via Compfight

An ghaoth aniar bíonn sí fial

Is cuireann sí iasc i líonta.

 muikku fish and fishing net
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As an leabhar "Seanfhocail na Muimhneach" (1926) leis an Seabhac

2 thoughts on “Seanfhocail: Na Gaoithe

  1. We would love to do a proverb exchange with your students – we have a set of Maori Proverbs that we are going to be working on at this end. We’re going to create them as a unit of work. We are going to start by looking at your proverbs and we were wondering if there was some way that they could be spoken? A vocaroo or another digital way? Its a little hard for us to read them in Gaelic. We will be looking at a proverb, exploring its meaning then presenting them as art.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, New Zealand

  2. Dear Mr Webb and Room 3

    That sounds great.
    We took at Vocaroo
    and it looks easy to use.

    We would love to hear your proverbs.
    We will do some art too.

    Thank you
    Merry’s Class

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