Na Muiciní: Chuaigh an muicín seo ar an margadh.

Na Muiciní


Chuaigh an muicín seo …

Here piggy piggy piggy!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Valerie via Compfight

ar an margadh.

Farmers' Market in Andover, Hampshire
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Anguskirk via Compfight

D’fhan an muicín seo sa bhaile.

Pig House
Photo Credit: Sean via Compfight

Fuair an muicín seo arán is im.

Mmm... Sourdough fresh from the oven
Photo Credit: jeffreyw via Compfight
Ní bhfuair an muicín seo tada.

Give Me Food!
Photo Credit: Doug Floyd via Compfight

‘Bhíoc, bhíoc, bhíoc,’ 

a deir an muicín seo

cá bhfuil mo chuidse?

Question Mark
Photo Credit: Purple Slog via Compfight

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