Some samples of ‘Scratch’ projects for use with 2nd – 6th to teach programming.

‘All About Me’

‘An Addition Challenge’

Build A Band: A Kettle of Drums

A Magic Spelling Game

A Story for Halloween – ‘In a Dark, Dark Wood’

A Simple Maze Game: Mouse Quest’

A Maze Game: Polar Bear meets Penguin’

‘Auto Drawing’

Story Telling using Scratch: ‘Excuses for being late for school’

A Slideshow using Scratch: ‘Trees’ by Joyce Kilmer

Images and music used in these are all attributed on the individual projects.

A recent very useful discovery is the huge range of royalty free music

produced by Kevin McLeod on . It is important to observe

copyright and websites like this one are invaluable. The right music can

make all the difference to a piece.

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