A Short History of Greystones



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History of Greystones

Long ago no one lived in Greystones.

It was too wild and wind swept.

Then King Heremon built a rath

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in a more sheltered spot to the north of Greystones.

This was at Rathdown.

This was 500 BC.

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Early farmers lived at Rathdown too

By the Middle Ages there were 500 people living at Rathdown.

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The Vikings came by boat and by land from Dublin.

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Greystones is in County Wicklow.

Wicklow means ‘Viking Meadow’.

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Vikings were fierce warriors from the North of Europe.

Later the Normans lived at the castle.

They were skilled soldiers from the North of France.

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In 1301, the wild, Wicklow tribes,

the O’Tooles and the O’Byrnes burnt down the castle.

They came on foot and horseback.

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In 1800 no one was living at Greystones.  

Described as a ‘wild headland’,

English speaking sailors

sailing on the Irish Sea

used call the area ‘the grey stones’

because of the grey rocks.

In 1825, there were 7 fishing families living there.

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The arrival of the railway changed all that.

Now we are a town in the ‘commuter belt’.

People live in Greystones

and commute by train to Dublin city to work.

Lots of tourists come and visit us on the train.

It is a good place to visit and a GREAT place to live.


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