A Tourist Attraction in Wicklow: Powercourt Waterfall.

Mrs. Todd’s Roadrunners from North Carolina wrote a great post about a tourist attraction in their part of the world. It is called Emerald Hollow Mines. It sounds magical. You can go on a real treasure hunt digging and panning for precious stones. You can read about it here.

Wicklow county where we live, had mining from the Bronze Age. There were copper, lead, sulphur, iron, gold, silver and zinc mines. Up to 1960 the most mining in Ireland was happening in Wicklow. Now there is no mining because it is not profitable.

Powerscourt Waterfall Dave Gunn via Compfight

The tourist attraction we are going to write about is also geographical. It is Ireland’s tallest waterfall, Powerscourt Waterfall in County Wicklow. The water falls 106 metres. It would take us 25 minutes to get from school to the waterfall.

We love this story about the waterfall. In August 1821, the King of England, King George the Fourth visited Powerscourt. The owner of Powerscourt, the 5th Viscount wanted to impressed the kind so he had a dam put up at the top of the waterfall so that a great torrent of water could be released while he and the king stood below.

Powerscourt WaterfallCreative Commons License Matt McGee via Compfight

Luckily the king was having such a great time at the party in Powerscourt they never got to the waterfall because later when the water was released, the torrent washed the bridge where they would have been standing away.

Powerscourt WaterfallCreative Commons License

Greg Bailey via Compfight

Powerscourt WaterfallCreative Commons License

Greg Bailey via Compfight

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