#Symbaloo webmix ‘Learning to Code’: Resources suitable for Junior Infants to Sixth+ approximately.

This year a number of students 

learned how to code.


The youngest students to do this were five.

They enjoyed learning using

‘The Foos’

and Code.org Course 1 and 2.


The older students used

Code.org Course 3 and 4.

They also enjoyed learning using 

exercises on the themes of


Big Hero 6,

Flappy Birds

Angry Birds

and they worked on

Code Combat,

Google’s ‘Made with Code’

and Scratch.

When student learned how to code successfully
then they taught other students how to code.
Through their teaching they showed
they really understood what to do.
When students learn to code they are

problem solving, testing, debugging, predicting

and they are learning how to think.


They experience success

and this is rewarding and motivating.


Here is a Symbaloo webmix of the websites

we used when learning to code.


2 thoughts on “#Symbaloo webmix ‘Learning to Code’: Resources suitable for Junior Infants to Sixth+ approximately.

  1. We began coding this year using code.org. We really enjoyed working on Course 1. Some of us were 5/6 all the way to some that were 10/11 year olds. We all started course 1 although we were older since no one had experience with coding. A few of us manage to finish course 1 and start course 2 or do Frozen lessons.

    It’s amazing that children around the world learn to code on the same program.

  2. Hi there Roadrunners and Mrs. Todd.

    It is good to start at the beginning. That way there is no gaps in your learning. The early stages are the building blocks for success in the future.

    We really enjoy coding. It is one of our most favourite things to do. Like yourselves we are fascinated to think children all over the world are coding.

    Thank you for commenting.

    Merry’s Class

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