Hurrah for #DisneyInfinity and

This will be a wonderful incentive

to settle back into school next week.

We REALLY enjoyed coding on

with Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’

earlier in the year and now

we get to code with Hiro and Baymax

from Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Schooldays ARE the happiest days of your life!

Click HERE to learn.

For other useful resources from Made With

click here.

2 thoughts on “Hurrah for #DisneyInfinity and

  1. Hello students,
    Although we are on spring break I thought I’d check out your recent post. And guess what I found that you’ve used also. My students have been busy with the first course in it just getting familiar with it the last few weeks. We are hoping to do more after break. We haven’t tried Frozen yet. But I’m sure they would enjoy it. We are getting ready when we return next week to teach you about places in North Carolina and the USA. We will need a few days to get ready before we post anything but watch for some forthcoming information by the end of next week.

  2. Dear Roadrunners and Mrs.Todd,

    We returned from our Spring Break today and were excited to see that you had sent us a message.
    It is a co-incidence that you used also. It goes to show that code is an international language.

    We look forward to learning about places in North Carolina and the USA.

    We will prepare some work on Greystones where we live and the County of Wicklow we are in.
    We will also post some information about Ireland. The main thing is we are so much smaller than you are.

    The US is 9,826,675 sq km sq kms. Ireland is 81,638 sq kms so Ireland would fit in the United States 120 times with room to spare.

    If North Carolina is 139,390 km² in area, Ireland would easily fit into North Carolina with loads of room to spare.

    At its longest from Antrim down to Cork, Ireland is 486km.

    At its widest from County Down across to Mayo, it is 167km.

    So we are small, but we fit a lot in 🙂

    With every good wish

    Merry Beau and Class

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