#BeautifulGreystones – We live in a beautiful place: Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland

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We go to school in St. Brigid’s National School

in Greystones, County Wicklow in Ireland.

Most of us live nearby.

We love living in Greystones.

It is a good community where people look out for each other.


Visitors to our blog often ask what Greystones is like.

Take a look at this video created

by a talented young photographer Seán Daly

and you will see what a beautiful part of the world we live in;

an hour away from our capital city of Dublin,

beside the sea and near the Wicklow hills.

2 thoughts on “#BeautifulGreystones – We live in a beautiful place: Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland

  1. Hello,
    As we looked around the world at blogs we came upon yours and wondered about the name and how you came up with your blog name?
    The video of where you live looks like a very pretty place very different from where we live in North Carolina. Why is the area called Greystone? Is it named for the rocks in the area?
    We are learning about castles and wondered if you have time if you could answer our questions on our blog site to help us learn about castles in other parts of the world.

    We are a school of 850 students pre-k through fifth grade. There are usually 5 – 7 classes in each grade level and then we have specials. Global Studies one of the related arts/specials — is the class that we blog and look at other cultures and places around the world.

  2. Hi there Road Runners,
    Thank you for visiting our blog.

    You asked us about our name
    ‘If only the best birds sang…’

    It comes from the longer quotation,
    ‘If only the best birds sang,
    how silent the woods would be.’

    The quote encourages us to
    ‘let our light shine’
    and use our talents.
    For examples in
    and school work.

    We are glad you asked us how Greystones
    got its name, because we know the answer!

    Up to two hundred years ago,
    nobody lived at Greystones.
    It was too wild and windy in the Winter.

    In the 1800s the sailors who sailed past
    our coastland would call it ‘The Grey Stones’.

    They would say
    ‘There was a storm at the Greystones’,
    or ‘There was good fishing at The Greystones’.
    This is how our town got its name.

    Now there is central heating and insulation,
    lots of people live in Greystones.

    We will visit your blog and find out about castles.

    With every good wish.

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