@YollisClass; Thank you for visiting us in Ireland

We say, ‘Céad míle fáilte romhat!’

to visitors.

This means ‘A hundred thousand welcomes’ in Irish.
We would like to say Go raibh maith agat! (Thank you)
to Mrs. Yollis’ class who visited us here in
Greystones, in Wicklow in Ireland.
and especially Aryana, who left a great comment.


Ireland is sometimes called ‘The Emerald Isle’

and people say there are forty shades of green

in the country side. We have never counted,

but we think there might be more. 


Here in Greystones, we live close to the

Little Sugar Loaf Mountain.


The Three Trout River is our nearest river


The name of our county is Wicklow

This means ‘Viking Meadow’.


The Vikings were fierce warriors

who came to Ireland 

from countries to the North 

from 795 AD


In the 1800s the sailors who sailed past

our coastland would call it ‘The Grey Stones’.

They would say

‘There was a storm at the Greystones’,

or ‘There was good fishing at The Greystones’.

This is how our town got its name.


The name of our school is Saint Brigid’s.

She was born over fifteen hundred years ago!

But people remember her because

she was good to the poor, the sick and the old.

February 1st is her Feast Day


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