Poetry: ‘A Christmas Kenning’ by Alex aged 11

Christmas Lighted Wreath
Photo Credit: Janet Beasley via Compfight

A kenning is type of poem.

It is a description that is economic in its use of words.

Two nouns metaphors are used to describe a person, place or thing.

You can read more about kennings here

on the Young Writers.co.uk website.

This is Alex’s kenning:


Present deliverer,

Cookie muncher,

Reindeer rider,

Chimney climber,

Joy maker,

Carrot feeder,

Roof lander,

Suit wearer,

Sack bearer,

Milk slurper,

Stocking filler,

Once a yearer,

Happy morning bringer…


Guess who?

Why … it’s Santa!

2 thoughts on “Poetry: ‘A Christmas Kenning’ by Alex aged 11

  1. What a great kenning.

    I had never heard of the term kenning before so it was great to be able to read an example that helped me to understand the term.

    You have summed Santa up brilliantly with just a few well chosen words. Your words created a vivid mind picture for me.

    Have you written any more poetry?

    Mrs S

  2. Dear Mrs. S

    Alex will be thrilled to have got a comment about his poem.
    Your words will be very encouraging and motivating for him.
    I will show it to him when we return after our Christmas holidays on 5th January
    and no doubt he will reply to you then,

    With every good wish and thank you

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