#HourOfCode: Fans of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ ? Then read on!


The largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code,

is happening during Computer Science Education Week

(December 8th – 14th 2014).

Last year, 15 million students tried coding in this one week.

This year, the aim is to reach 100 million students worldwide!


We live in a world surrounded by technology.

In such a world computer science is important

and coding and programming are becoming life skills.

Websites such as Code.org demystify coding

and make it easily accessible and enjoyable.


The clever people at Code.org are working

to get more girls involved in computer science

and have devised a lovely series of exercises

to create snowflakes, using the ‘Frozen’ theme.

You can find it here: Code.org’s ‘Frozen’

It is suitable for beginners, from 1st/2nd class up!


And for those who aren’t big fans of ‘Frozen’,

Code.org’s ‘Frozen’ is a warmer alternative.


Try it. We did and it was fun!

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