Bruno is learning about how World War 2 began.

Bruno created two Voki avatars to explain

how World War 2 started

and how people prepared for the war.

This is what happened in Ireland:

2 thoughts on “Bruno is learning about how World War 2 began.

  1. I really enjoyed listening to the explanation of the start of World War Two. I also really enjoyed being able to hear the explanation of how World War Two affected Ireland, I wouldn’t have thought that there had been rationing in Ireland during the war so thats something new that I learnt.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

  2. Bruno replied:

    Thank you for looking at my work and commenting on it. I am glad you learned something new.

    Rationing in Ireland was similar to the rationing that happened in Great Britain. People were given a certain amount of food stamps.

    With these they were allowed to buy a limited amount of food, clothing and footwear. Sweets and chocolate were also rationed.

    The bread was called ‘black bread’, but it wasn’t really black. It was a very dark brown colour. It was rough. People were not allowed to use white bread or butter, they used margarine instead.

    Fruit was very scarce because the cargo ships carrying fruit from abroad used be bombed.

    The farmers in Ireland were kept busy growing food for the Irish, so our situation wasn’t as bad as in Great Britain, but food was still in short supply.

    Thanks again,

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