UPDATE: A Local Hero, Simon Fitzmaurice

My Name is Emily

Simon is a Dad in our school.

He wrote a wonderful script

for our Christmas pageant.


Five years ago Simon started

to write a movie.

It is called ‘My Name is Emily’


He began writing it with a pen

or typing on a keyboard.


Because he has motor neuron disease

he finished it using

a special “eye gaze” computer

that allows him to type

by looking at letters on a screen.


In November 2013

we wrote about how he was

fundraising to make a movie.

You can read more

of his inspiring story here.


Since then Simon has written

a book called:

‘It’s Not Yet Dark’.

He has been on TV and on

the radio and in the newspapers.


He began making his movie

‘My Name is Emily’

in early September, 2014.

He is now more than half way

through shooting it.


We are excited because Evanna Lynch, the

wonderful actress, who played Luna Lovegood in the

‘Harry Potter’ movies is playing the part of Emily.

Here in Greystones Simon Fitzmaurice is our Local Hero.

This is the last week of shooting the movie.

We think Simon’s work shows

us that you can do anything

you set your mind to.


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