#MathsWeek: Engaging with a Maths Rich Environment: Angles & Scooter Stunts

Timing, and a whole lot of Luck
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen via Compfight

5th Class are learning about angles.

We were using protractors

and learning that a right angle is

ninety degrees.


Teacher thought there would be

a lot of work to do learning about angles.

But it turned out many of the students

knew a great deal about angles already.

This is because of stunts they can do

on their scooters and skateboards.


Cian knows about scooter stunts.

Here is what he said.

‘The ‘ollie’ is important to learn.


It needs a lot of practice.


1. Place your feet firmly on the deck of the scooter.


2. Pull the handle bars up.


3. Follow with your feet.


4. Bring your feet up to your chest.


5. Land smoothly.


Try not to put your foot down. It looks cooler that way.


The ‘180’ or half spin is a  way of turning
without really moving the handle bars.
First you will need to ‘ollie’ high
and then swing your body round 180 degrees,
bringing the scooter round. 


The ‘360 ‘is a full spin or rotation. It needs a lot of practice.  
It is important to get speed and height when doing this move.’


And there’s more. We learned: 


‘The 270-degree spin is three quarters of a full rotation.


The 540-degree spin is one and a half full rotations.


The 720-degree spin is two spins or rotations.


The 900-degree spin is two and a half full rotations.


The 1080-degree spin is three full rotation.


‘All these stunts are just about possible. It’s all about practice.

Try these stunts over and over again.

Balance and skill will come over time so just keep practising.

It will take a while to master each stunt

but keep setting yourself targets and eventually

you will get there.’


You can see some simple scooter tricks here.


Most importantly Cian says:

‘Be safe. Always wear your helmet, elbow and knee pads’.

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