A ‘Storify’ about Blogging Buddies: Class ‏‏5/6 Clark/Smith

One of the things we love about blogging is the friends we make.

Alex and Bruno have just begun to code using Scratch.

This week they got great encouragement from a 5th/6th grade

class from Hobart, in Tasmania: 5/6 Clark/Smith.


They are further along in their coding than us.

They are doing really interesting projects using Scratch.

Click on this link and see the great work they are doing.


Below is a Storify of the conversation we had with them

Bruno and Alex were amazed and encouraged

to get a message from a class that live 17,739 km away!

This is the first time we used Storify. It was easy and it was fun.

2 thoughts on “A ‘Storify’ about Blogging Buddies: Class ‏‏5/6 Clark/Smith

  1. Thanks for sharing this story. It confirms how exciting it is for students to connect and collaborate using social media. This transforms education. I can see a lot of uses for Storify in my classes too. Ann

  2. Thanks very much for your comment Ann.

    Certainly the message from all those kilometres away motivated and encouraged my students.
    Storify is an interesting way to present a twitter conversation or thread.

    Next time I am going to see can if there an option so a suggestion
    for another Storify isn’t presented at the end of the page.

    I have my filter set to high, but would be concerned the recommendation
    wasn’t age appropriate.

    With every good wish.

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