Phonics Fun: Online games that teach the Magic ‘e’

E's e collection
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Abbey Hendrickson via Compfight

Senior Infants and First Class are learning about Magic ‘e’.

They know Magic ‘e’ makes

the first vowel in a word call out its name.

So ‘pet’ changes into ‘Pete.’ That’s magic!


Magic ‘e’ is sometimes called Silent ‘e’ or Bossy ‘e.’

These online activities and games

help us learn about Magic ‘e’.

There are ‘click and drag’ activities

on Smart and


If you like rescuing princesses as much as we do

you will enjoy the adventure game on 

and learn about Magic ‘e’ at the same time.

This was our favourite and if you play it

we are sure you will see why.


Finally Learn English Kids has a story

that uses ‘Magic ‘e’ words

and it is followed by game


These activities make learning fun.

Do you know any online games that teach

the ‘Magic ‘e’?

We would love to hear about them if you do.

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