It’s our birthday. Our blog is 3 years old.

Despicable Me Minions Birthday Cake for Simon 7
Photo Credit: Ayca Wilson via Compfight

 2011-12 was the first year of this blog.

In that year we had just 1,000 visits to our blog.

Last year we had 13,000 more.

And this year we had almost 24,000.

This makes a total of nearly 38,000 visitors in three years.

Thank you for visiting.


Today there are 780 posts in total on this blog.

During the first year of this blog we wrote 180 posts.

That is approximately 15 each month.

In the past two years we added 600 posts to our blog.

We calculate that is 25 each month.

Thank you for reading.


In the first year we had just 50 comments on our blog.

In the last two years since

we were very happy to have 925 more,

making a grand total of 975 comments.

Approximately half of these are visitors commenting

and the other half of this number is us replying.

That is how we have made friends

all over the world.


We LOVE to get comments

and we ALWAYS reply 😉

Thank you for commenting.

2 thoughts on “It’s our birthday. Our blog is 3 years old.

  1. Happy Blog Birthday.

    Wow it is interesting to see how the numbers involved with your blog have changed over time.

    I wonder how many posts, visitors and comments you will collect in the next year of your blog?

    Mrs S

  2. Thank you Mrs. S for wishing us a Happy Blog Birthday.
    Many happy returns.
    Our blog is only three.
    That would make us a toddler!
    Unless this is like dog years.
    In which case we would be 21.
    Then we would have a party.

    We think we would prefer to be three.
    Plenty of time to run around
    and to grow and to learn.

    Many thanks again for dropping by.

    Merry Beau

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