Great news about learning multiplication tables from @magicalmaths

climbing the dunes
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As the school year begins children in 3rd Class

will begin ‘climbing the table mountain’

and children in 4th will begin revising

the multiplication tables they learned in 3rd.


Good news from @magicalmaths who

shared this encouraging video on Twitter.

When I tell you the video is called

“How to Easily Memorize the Multiplication Table”

hopefully you will feel encouraged.


Scroll down this link and click on the You Tube video

by Professor Arthur Benjamin.

He cleverly reduces 100 number facts

of multiplication tables 1-10,

to just three.

Now, isn’t that good news !


2 thoughts on “Great news about learning multiplication tables from @magicalmaths

  1. Good video. I think I can still beat him for tactics for learning tables! I wrote an 8 part series on Anseo about how to teach them. It starts off the same as him but moves to 9 times tables (with a cool finger trick) and ends with one of my favourite visual tricks for learning 7×8=56 – twist it around to make it 56 = 7 x 8 (5678)

  2. Thanks for your comment. I will take a look at that series. I see it starts here

    I also enjoyed your post It certainly gave me food for thought.

    I remember you making a strong case learning tables using strategies other than rote learning. I seem to recall you saying that rote learning doesn’t suit all our students and I would agree. Certainly the children were fascinated by the magic of nine times tables. The aide memoire 56=7×8 is a neat trick. Thanks for sharing.

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