Perks of being a Teacher – Part One

I am really looking forward to going back to school.

As a Teacher I get to work in great company.

Soon this blog will be repopulated with creative

and lovely student work instead of my own.


As I was tidying up I found a poem

a student composed. Working with children is affirming

and that is one of the perks of teaching:

Flat Sea
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Matt Hobbs via Compfight

If Teacher was… by Jessica


If Teacher was a sound

she would be the sound of the sea,

because she is calm.


If she was a colour

she would be bright yellow

because she is very bright.


She is sunny weather.


She is fruit and veg

because she has it for lunch.


She is a gazelle

because she leaps for joy.


She is a red rose

because she is lovely.

Thank you Teacher.


No one had ever compared me to a gazelle before 😉


This poem was written using an idea

we had learned about in class;

‘The Furniture Game from Sandy Brownjohn’s book,

‘Does It Have To Rhyme?’ (Hodder & Stoughton, 1980)


Here is a funny poem; ‘Prayer of a Teacher‘,

written by Stephanie W, another talented

student I was lucky enough to have in my class.

This one was written twenty one years ago.

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