Some animated #GoogleDoodles that have classroom potential.

a second opening in the clouds...!!! / une deuxième percée dans les nuages...!!! :)))
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Denis Collette via Compfight

The Google Doodle on August 4th was

was an interactive animation celebrating

John Venn’s famous Venn Diagrams.

I look forward to using this Google Doodle in class.


Always on the lookout for teaching resources,

I took a look at other Google Doodles to see

if there were others with a potential for learning.


These are what I found:

1. Claude Debussy’s birthday 

featuring his beautiful compostition

‘Clair De Lune’.


2. Earth Day includes a sight seeing check list.

This Google Doodle would be useful for

encouraging observation skills.

e.g. Can your students spot

the six animals that feature?

In what order do the seasons occur?

In what order does the weather come?


3. Art Clokey’s 90th birthday This animation also

has potential for developing observation skills.

How many balls of plasticene are there?

What colour are they?

What happens when you click on the wooden block?

You could try these questions as Gaeilge freisin.


4. The Google Doodle for the 

200th Anniversary of Grimms Fairy Tales 

tells the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Once again there is potential for telling

the story as Gaeilge.


There are other interactive Google Doodles here. 

Children enjoy animations and this year

I hope to teach them how to do make simple

animations using Scratch.  

So seeing these clever animations should be motivating.


I look forward to other great interactive

Google Doodles coming our way.


UPDATE: On 9th November 2014, the Google Doodle

incorporated a video about the Berlin Wall, pieces

of which are to be found as monuments in many major

cities of the world. This Google Doodle was on the

occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the taking down

of the Berlin Wall.

2 thoughts on “Some animated #GoogleDoodles that have classroom potential.

  1. This is a very cool post. I really like the picture it looks very animated or a reflection on the surface of the water.
    Im looking forward to seeing more post you share with the world.
    Kind regards
    Isabelle (Izzy Incredible Iblog)

  2. Hello again Isabelle,

    Thank you for visiting us and leaving such a good comment.
    I’m glad you liked our choice of photo to illustrate our post.
    I must pop over and see how things are going on Izzy’s Incredible iBlog.

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau

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